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Sanitaryware products for the leading bathroom manufacturers from arround the globe, we offer the best selection of sanitaryware available in the UK
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Sanitary ware is a term used in the bathroom industry on a regular basis, to most people not in the industry, this means a sink or basin, pedestal, toilets & bidets.

The concept of a room dedicated to personal hygiene is a relatively new idea, for most houses built before the turn of the century didn’t have a bathroom. In the space of around 100 years, the modern bathroom has advanced from an uncommon thing to a world wide universal fixture in a home.

The need for disposing of human waste has always been there, in the early centuries a variety of systems were used, non very sanitary such as chamber pots and earth closets, both of which needed to be manually cleaned out. During this time cholera and typhoid were rife within the country and the Victorians were the people to figure out that drinking water & waste water needed to be kept separate to alleviate the problems of disease and hence the invention of sewerage systems.

The first person to invent a flushing toilet was Sir John Harrington who originally invented them for himself and his Godmother, Queen Elizabeth 1st in 1596 but was met with disdain and laughter from his peers. It was then 200 years later that Alexander Cummings created the next version of the WC in 1775 and that was the beginning of modern bathrooms.

Thomas Crapper almost always gets the credit for inventing the toilet, however, this is not true, he did play a very important part in re-designing important components which he then patented and produced.
His name inspired a generation of Americans with a new slang word for the toilet.

The first indoor bathroom was made possible by the improvement in the design of the WC. Formerly, WC’s were portable so a specific area wasn’t necessary. It didn’t take long for indoor plumbing to become an accepted idea and by 1920, the American building regulations required indoor bathrooms in all new family residences. In 1921 only 1% of homes had bathrooms and from the 20th Century 100% of homes had bathrooms.

After World War I the United States saw a housing construction boom and purpose-built modern bathrooms were created. Prior to the war most people's bathroom was typically a converted spare room, but now they were rooms built specifically to house a toilet, sink and a bathtub. In 1921 only 1% of homes had bathrooms, by the end of the 20th Century 100% boasted a bathroom suite. in a dedicated room.

Home owners in the 21st century are spoilt for choice with the range of products now available in different syles, from budget bathrooms to the most luxuriant items such as steam cabinets and saunas to plasma screens.

Sanitaryware is available from:

Aqua CabinetsBathroom OriginsBauhausBc DesignsBristanBrittonBurlingtonCarmelaCifialClaraClearwaterDuravitGalcoGeberitGroheHarringtonHeritageHibHudson ReedHudsonreedIdeal StandardImperialJacuzziLaufenPhoenixRakRocaRoper RhodesSanitanSt JamesSynergyTavistockTwyfordVitra


When you’re planning your new bathroom suite, take a moment to look through the vast amount of different styles of sanitary ware currently available. We are constantly seeking the latest products from well known and up-and-coming bathroom brands. Over recent months we have brought you many new styles of toilets, basins and bidets as well as cutting edge products appearing on the market from the likes of Roca Bathrooms in the form of the W+W. The Roca W+W combines a Basin and Toilet into a single wall mounted unit, ideal for smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms whilst providing ecological environmental benefits.

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